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RGB Tunable White Music Smart Downlights LYRA FZ6085

  • MOQ :1 set(4 FZ6085+4 FZ6085-C+a master controller+a gateway)
  • Shipping Time :7 days delivery from Luxembourg
  • Payment :T/T;Alipay;Paypal
  • Warranty :7 years
  • Finishing Color :White
  • Color Temperature :2700K-5000K adjustment
  • Color Rendering Index :Ra80
  • Dimension :Ø85mmX88mm;Ø69mmX56mm
  • Cut-Out Size :Ø72mm
  • Brand :One Percent
  • Certification :CE,RoHS
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Description Application

RGB Tunable White Smart Downlights LYRA FZ6085
The world's first smart music downlights

About Story

LYRA represents a charming lyre of Orpheus in accient Greek mythology. It is the first lyre ever produced whose melodious music can attract even inanimate objects such as trees, streams and rocks. One Percent music downlights are the first smart music downlights in the world. Therefore, we named it “LYRA” and desire it can bring people’s life enjoyment with the charming and melodious music, just like the lyre of Orpheus. Meanwhile, LYRA is the brightest constellation in the north galaxy, and we expect One Percent music downlight to be the LYRA in the lighting galaxy.

Technical Specification

There are two kinds of smart downlights: FZ6085 & FZ6085-C. Here below are the specification for reference.

Product Overview

One Percent is a special LED company that it put all detail of its LED downlights in public, because it wants to show everything to customers. How do the music downlights look like? About each thing to compose downlights, we make every step perfect!

Product Function

Bluetooth Speaker System(Music)-We built speaker into dimmable RGBW LED colored downlights. We can connect the speaker to our smartphone or tablet via integrated Bluetooth technology. Every time you are home, just choose and click one of your favourite music, after that the music will be around your house, and it is time to relax yourself after hard work.

Smart Control Lighting System(Tunable White)-About dimming(0-100%), color temperature adjustment(2700-5000K), RGB color choice(16 millions), music jump, etc., you can download Lyra Light iOS / Android App to make them all come true. Nowadays smart home is the lighting tendency, so music colored downlights must be a good reflection of this smart tendency.

             iOS                                       Android

Except for two major functions above, FZ6085 has another functions that attract you and make your life more convenient.

One-Key Operation
Press one button on smartphone or tablet to control the lighting of whole house.

Brightness Adjustment

Fully dimmable from 0-100%.

Color Temperature Adjustment

Optional color temperature from 2700-5000K.

Audio System Integrated

Music in smartphone or tablet can be played through integrated Bluetooth audio system.

Wireless Control

Light-Sound-Color lighting system controlled through reliable WIFI and ZigBee.


16 millions of different light colors optional.

Pre-set Scenes

Different lighting environment pre-set as scene with photos.

User-Friendly Interface

Friendly interface of APP makes easy operation.

Encrypted Protection

Encryption of APP and signal provide strong protection.

Android / iOS Compatible

APP can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store.

Using Principle

Customize your home lighting style according to your moods and desires. But how the music downlights, gateway server, and smartphone/tablet/remote control panel cooperate successfully to achieve perfect music lighting effect?

Master controller(Driver A) has Bluetooth signal reception and transmission function that it can receive the Bluetooth comes from your smart phone/tablet, and then transmits this music signal to the slave downlight which connects with each other directly.

The slave downlight with Bluetooth signal passes the music information to another salve downlight through audio wire.

c.If you want to adjust the CCT or dimming or light colors, you should select smart phone with gateway on the WiFi setting.

d.After controlling the APP about changing CCT on the smart phone, gateway will accept the change information through WiFi, and then pass this information to each downlights through ZigBee.

(Please go forwards to download the specific "music downlights user manual" to know more music downlights.)

Relevant Report

Here below is the luminaire photometric report of smart music LED ceiling downlights FZ6085.

RGB Tunable White Smart Downlights LYRA FZ6085
The world's first smart music downlights


Hotel operates as more than a place to stay for traveler, which is the "home away from home". One Percent's RGBW music smart control downlights can provide an atmosphere that will earn customer loyalty and increase profits. Our lighting products are special to enhance your visitors' experience from the moment they enter the hotel.

Ambiance plays a very important role in the hospitality industry. Whether it's intended to energize guests at a club or entertain diners in a restaurant, great lighting sets a mood and creates memorable experiences. One Percent's music smart control RGB WW-CW downlights for hospitality will inspire and delight people, enhance an enjoyable experience for your guests and staff, and nurture customer loyalty.

Your bathroom serves multiple purposes, and its lighting does as well. Our RGBW smart down light can create a bathroom environment that is bright enough to prep, gentle enough to relax, and entertain enough to enjoy. Bathroom is a showpiece of your home, so make sure it receives the treatment it deserves.

Your home is a retreat, a space for entertaining, a place for creating memories, and a reflection of yourself. Our intelligent RGBW music down light provides the flexibility and customization you desire, creates an inviting atmosphere for a family gathering, serves a spectrum of residential application that truly say "welcome home"!

The modern kitchen serves as more than a place to prepare food. Your kitchen is a family gathering site, a place to entertain guests. One Percent's music light will accent your kitchen's design, provide gentle ambient lighting for a family meal, or set the mood for a festive dinner party. Whatever purpose your kitchen serves, our smart control lighting system will make it an enjoyable experience.