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Anti-glare LED Downlight FX6085
Anti-glare LED Downlight FX6085
  • Anti-glare LED Downlight FX6085
  • FX6085
  • FX6085-back
  • anti-glare-lens
  • tridonic-driver

Anti-glare LED Downlight FX6085

  • MOQ : 20pcs
  • Shipping Time : UPS, DHL, FedEx, DB Logistic
  • Payment : T/T, Alipay, Paypal
  • Warranty : 7 years
  • Finishing Color : Brushed nickel, white, black, chrome, brass, anti-brass, matt white
  • Color Temperature : 2700K/ 3000K/ 4000K/ 5000K
  • Color Rendering Index : ≥80
  • Dimension : Ø 84mmX56mm
  • Cut-Out Size : Ø 69mm
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Class II

No insulation
Beam angle
8 Watt


40,000 hours



Anti-glare LED downlight FX6085

Energy Efficient LED: This 8W LED downlight can bring out +480lm to replace traditional haolgen bulbs. 

Sharp chip, Tridonic driver & Aluminum body make it lighting well to be soft and even, and achieve long lifespan of >40,000 hours, 7 years Warranty.

Fire Resistant to 90 minutes compliance with BS476 standard, suitable to be installed in the 90 minutes fire-rated ceiling.

Anti-glare lens achieve to UGR<10, with lumen output to be >480lm.

Removable downlight cover with multiple colour choices make it to be easily DIY, convenient in stocking and decorating.

This LED downlight can be recesseded in indoor places such as house, apartment, shopping mall and retail shops. And it can also be installed in bathrooms because it is IP65.

Glare happens when there is extreme brightness contrast. Since LED lights are lighting through the LED chip, and most of the LED chip can be seen. Therefore great brightness contrast happens, and uncomfortable lighting glare comes. When the eyeball cannot adapt to the different brightness, disgusting, uncomfortable, and even blindness can be generated. And glare become one of the most important cause of visual fatigue, which is why people cannot concentrate in working or studying.

To reduce glare and bring a comfort lighting environment is what One Percent's Anti-glare aims to do. Lighting is easy, but comfortable lighting is necessary!


Long life

Good color performance

Soft and even

Triac dimmable

Energy efficient

Europe voltage


No insulation



Item FX6085
Product name Anti-glare LED Downlight
Voltage (V): 220-240V Diameter (mm): ø84
Wattage (W): 8W Height (mm): ø56
Power Factor: >0.9 Cut-out (mm): 69
CRI: 80 Weight (kg): 0.35
Lumen output (lm @3000K): 480 IP: 65
Lifetime (hrs): 40,000 Min Order Qty (pcs): 20
Color choices: Brushed nickel/ white/ black/ chrome/ brass/ anti-brass/ matt white

This LED downlgight is specially designed to be Anti-glare, and achieved UGR<10, lumen output >480lm.
To reach this purpose, good and special made component is really important.

However most anti-glare design in the market will bring lost of lumen brightness lost, but our special designed anti-glare lens can well solve this problem.

The central block point will block the direct looking into the lighting chip, but also reduce lots of lumen brightness. The center point of our Anti-glare lens will block the glaring lighting chip, but more light will be reflected through the special optical designed cone.

Packing Detail
  • Each LED downlight is packed with a plastic bag to avoid any scratch on the light.
  • Each light is packed in 1 color box for convenient stocking and delivery.
  • 10 boxes are packed in 1 carton for shipping.

Packing Quantity Dimension (mm) Net Weight (kg) Gross Weight Volume (M3)

1pc/ color box 125x120x90 0.31 0.37 /

10boxes/ carton 620x265x105 3.10 4.70 0.017

Anti-glare LED downlights can be used in places where good concentration is needed. Such as working offices, classrooms, and hospital.
The great reduce of glare can provide good and comfortable lighting circumstance for people to work efficiently in offices, help to protect students from eye strain, and give patients and doctors in hospitals a calm and comfort mood.

FX6085 - Anti-glare LED downlight

Anti-glare Fire-rated 

1, Anti-glare lens for comfortable lighting effect;
2, Fire resistant for 90minutes earn more time in the event of fire;
3, Exchangeable light trim with multiple color.

Function Benefits

1. How does it work to be Anti-glare

  • Why do we need to reduce light glare?
Here below is the lighting effect of glare that people always get in daily life. 

How do you feel under such light? Will you narrow your eyes? Are you going to run away from it? 
Your eyes may feel tired after long staying under glare lighting. Lots of people feel uncomfortable about it because it is like a direct looking into the sun, and it will cause dazzling and strain to the eyes.

Imaging that you are always working or studying under the lighting glare, how can you concentrate and make the perfect performance? Nobody can feel comfort when looking into the sun, or staring at the car lamp.

  • Common ways of anti-glare:

Lights Ways Disadvantage

Baffle light trim
Reduce glare in a certain way, 
but the light design is restricted

Shielding block Lots of lumen lost of about 30%

  • One Percent special designed Anti-glare lens:

Considering about all above condition, One Percent had been working on the Anti-glare lighting, and a good solution of anti-glare is introduced to the market.
No extra devices are needed to add and get the comfortable lighting, but a special made anti-glare lens solve all the problem.

Shielding block to avoid direct looking into the lighting LED;
No glaring lighting source can be seen.
Cone shape in accurate optical design allows massive lighting reflection inside the lens to reduce lumen lost.
Remain >480lm brightness.

2. How can this LED downlight be fire-rated?

A special designed fire-rated structure successfully prevent the fire from expanding through the gaps and holes.
It achieve to stay on the 90 minutes resistant ceilings, so that in the event of fire, it will buy people at least 90 minutes more to escape from the fire.

HOW does it work?

1. Intumescent material inside the LED downlight will expand to fill the ventilation hole.

2. The expanded carbon char will protect the downlight radiator from melting.

3. While the carbon char protect the downlight from overheating, the strong steel bracket will hold the light tight flush to the ceiling.  


3. Removable light cover

Pain stain on the downlights when painting? —“NO”

Twist & lock light cover is the answer, take it off before painting and put it back after finished.

Colour does not fit your style? — “NO”

Take off the bezel, and change another bezel color, multiple colour choices are supplied.