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8W Baffled Anti Glare LED Recessed Down Light V6081

  • Home is a warm haven where everything looks very comfortable and relaxed. Thus, according to the theme "Warm Home", One Percent bring us this kind of anti-glare and eyes protecting baffled recessed downlights, so people can enjoy the soft lighting and feel comfortable and relaxed in the anti-glare LED recessed down lighting environment.
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8W Indoor Baffled Anti Glare LED Recessed Down Light

Baffled LED down light reducing glare lighting and bringing comfortable lighting effect

Model V6081 Type LED baffled recessed down light
Power 8W Mains voltage AV 220-240V,50/60Hz
Power factor(PF) ≥0.9
Light source detail SHARP COB LED
Luminous flux 530lm(3000K) Color rendering index(CRI) Ra≥80/Ra≥97
Color temperature(CCT)
Lamp useful life
40,000 hours
Beam angle
Dimmable with leading and trailing edge
Die cast aluminum
Finishing color
IP rated
-20°C to 50°C
Fixed lighting
Special feature
Baffled anti glare
7 years

Product Overview


V6081 is a baffled dimmable LED recessed downlight that can reduce light glare and prevent strong lights to harm people’s eyes,
providing you a comfortable and relaxed LED lighting experience.

SHAPR COB chip & TRIDONIC dimmable driver brings you quality soft and bright lighting effect, together with the excellent heat
dissipation aluminum radiator, it can achieve a life time of 40,000 hours with 7 years warranty.


1.Baffled recessed LED downlight soften strong light for eye protection;

2.Long lifespan of 40,000 hours with 7 years warranty;
3.SHARP COB light source with high brightness and power;
4.Die cast aluminum heat sink with excellent heat dissipation;
5.Patented structure and design right;
6.Best craft finishes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Product Detail

A baffle LED recessed downlight helps great in reduce lighting glare, so that users can focus on staff they are doing. Each detail of the down light is considered when designing, not only in appearance but also functioning. We believe that we can make the world differently by managing every details of our products.

Relevant Report

Here below is the luminaire photometric report of V6081 baffled recessed anti-glare downlight in 3000K Ra80.

8W Indoor Baffled Anti Glare LED Recessed Down Light

Baffled LED down light reducing glare lighting and bringing comfortable lighting effect

We offer you convenient options about LED recessed down light’s CCT, CRI, and finishing colors. We feel glad to help you anytime and please feel free to tell me your ideal down light in mind.

1.Color Temperature (CCT): 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K

Color temperature affects the lighting mood, and the following shows how CCT looks. How does color temperature affect the appearance of the room?

                2700K                                    3000K                                  4000K                                   5000K

2.Color rendering index (CRI): CRI>80/CRI>97

Colors are considered to be performed the best of CRI 100 under incandescent lights, the higher the CRI figure is, the better color it appears. Do not let the light fade your color, to enjoy the colorful life, chose your best CRI.

             CRI60                                CRI80                                CRI90                                  CRI97

Finishing color: white/black

About this LED recessed downlight, we produce two colors for you to choose. 

                                  White                                                                                    Black

8W Indoor Baffled Anti Glare LED Recessed Down Light
Baffled LED down light reducing glare lighting and bringing comfortable lighting effect

Home lighting, hotel lighting and the similar indoor lighting, such as living room, hallway, study room, kitchen. Such recessed down lighting can help reduce light glare to protect eyes from strains, and also remain the simple and elegant decoration style.

What is Anti Glare?

Anti-glare: reduce glare, soft and comfort light to eyes.

Open trim recessed downlights are those downlights that that light source is fit tight and almost flush to the ceiling, so that people can look direct into the lighting chip. So people will feel uncomfortable because of the strong lighting, similar as looking into the sun directly.

Baffle trim LED recessed downlights are with a deep baffle trim cover, so that the light source is recessed deep, the lighting LED chip is baffled by the trim to reduce the glare that people may see, and the light become anti-glare.

See the following UGR(Unified Glare Rating) tables to compare.


It is shown clearly that the UGR figures of V6081 is lower than F6084, which means that the baffle trim LED recessed downlight can reduce strong lighting glare better than common open trim downlights.

How to Intall One Percent Dimmable Recessed LED Downlight?

1. Cut a hole on the ceiling according to the instruction

2. Cut off power to avoid electric shock

3. Wiring the driver to the electric wire

4. Connect the downlight and the driver

5. Install the light into the hole

6. Turn on the power and check if well instalLED

So glad to solve problem for you. Enjoy your LED recessed downlighting, enjoy your life.
V6081 Luminare Test Report

V6081 Installation Guide