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Dimmable Strip-type LED Cabinet Light CL-3X4


  • CL-3X4 LED cabinet light is usually used under cabinet for accent lighting. The rigid light bar covers three same 4W mini downlights. Its lighting output of 653lm is similar to a 60W traditional halogen. CREE chip & OSRAM driver included bring quality soft and bright lighting effect, which can achieve long life time of 40,000 hours.
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Dimmable Strip-type LED Cabinet Light CL-3X4
Quality LED under cabinet light bar with a built-in OSRAM dimmable driver

Why is LED cabinet light so necessary in your kitchen?

Suppose you are making a yummy dinner for your family, sometimes you have to use your knife, add edible oil and salt, do the dishes, etc. With the mini downlight under your cabinet, you can do your dinner thing more clearly. If without cabinet light, you may hurt your hand when using knife, or make an awful soup for your too much sault, just because of less of accent lighting.

-Technical Data-

Supplier article reference CL-2/3/4X4W Luminaire type LED cabinet light
Power 8W/12W/16W Mains voltage AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power facor(PF) ≥0.9
Light source detail CREE COB LED
Luminous flux 400lm/653lm/750lm(3000K) Color rendering index(CRI) Ra≥93
Color temperature(CCT) 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K Lamp useul life 40,000 hours
Beam angle 40° Driver Built-in OSRAM driver
Dimmable Dimmable with leading and trailing edge Radiator Die cast aluminum
Lens PMMA Finishing color White/chrome
IP rated IP21 Operating temperature range -20°C to 50°C
Orientation Fixed Special features Accent lighting
Certifications CE, RoHS Warranty 5 years

-Product Detail-

One Percent produces 3 options of strip-type LED cabinet light, these are CL-2X4, CL-3X4, and CL-4X4. What is strip-type cabinet light? That is 2 more cabinet lights at the same strip, which is more convenient for you to have a strip-type cabinet light, because installing a piece strip-type downlight under cabinet, there is no need to worry about less of down lighting for only one single cabinet downlight. By the way, we have designed built-in driver.

-Product Advantage-

We believe that innovation and passion can make the world differently, by managing every details of our LED cabinet down light products. Quality is the first priority in our products, so that each part of our LED downlight are strictly selected and inspected. Product quality and user convenience are the central focus in our downlight designing.

-Relevant Report-

Here below is the luminaire report about CL-3X4 downlight for your reference.

Dimmable Strip-type LED Cabinet Light CL-3X4

Quality LED under cabinet light bar with a built-in OSRAM dimmable driver

When you are purchasing One Percent led cabinet downlight, you should consider which color temperature, color rendering index, light cover color or product model you like?

 Here below is the CCT, CRI and light cover color choices for your reference.

1. Color Temperature (CCT): 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K

Don’t know what color temperature to choose? See the following application of the CCT. Warm white cool white and natural daylight color temperature to fit the different application requirement.

Popular CCT choices are 3000K and 4000K.

2. Color rendering index (CRI): CRI>93

The CRI100 is the highest CRI number that represent the best color appearance under the incandescent light. Objects under low CRI cannot appear the best color of its own, while a higher CRI can better solve the problem, and bring you the perfect color enjoyment. Do not let the light fade your color, to enjoy the colorful life, chose your best CRI.

3.Finishing color: White/chrome

One Percent offers you two color choices.

4.Product model: CL-2X4/CL-3X4/CL-4X4

The number (2/3/4) represents how many mini downlights are.

Dimmable Strip-type LED Cabinet Light CL-3X4
Quality LED under cabinet light bar with a built-in OSRAM dimmable driver

Compared with other lighting companies, One Percent does not have too much LED cabinet light products, because it just focuses on high-quality indoor lighting design, research and development. In addition, One Percent not only has excellent R&D team, it also offers indoor lighting design plan for reference of its clients.


About installation, this strip-type cabinet light is different to fix under cabinet, but it is easy to do it yourself!

1. Separate the strip-type cover form the downlight base.

2.Tear the pasters on the back.

3.Open up two little holes under the cabinet in an appropriate distance.(CL-2X4W:520mm, CL-3X4W:787mm, CL-4X4W:1160mm) Screw and fix the downlight base under the cabinet.

4.Connect the power supply.

5.Cover the downlight base and power the led cabinet light.