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LED Downlight Wall Washer V6082

  • MOQ :1 pcs
  • Shipping Time :7 days delivery from Luxembourg
  • Payment :T/T;Alipay;Paypal
  • Warranty :5 years
  • Finishing Color :White
  • Color Temperature :2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K
  • Color Rendering Index :Ra80/Ra97
  • Dimension :Ø95mmX87mm
  • Cut-Out Size :Ø82mm
  • Brand :One Percent
  • Certification :CE,RoHS,SAA
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Description Technical DATAProduct DetalisApplication

1. 25° wall washer for accent lighting against paintings and crafts on wall;
2. Anti-glare baffle trim;
3. Patents and registered design rights;
4. Excellent surface finishes.

Product Overview

Structure of the LED downlight V6082

Wall washer is a light that direct the light to the wall and illuminate a specific area that needs accent lighting. One Percent’s wall washer is patented with its unique structure and with the special design, and 25° degree fixed angle, and not waste of any lumen.
7 years warranty are assured with the Sharp/ Citizen chip and Tridonic driver, die-cast aluminum radiator brings the well dissipation. The long life span of 40,000 hours means the light can function well to last 40,000/ 8/ 365=13.70 years, if used 8 hours a day.


For most wall washers, manufacturers usually use a eyelid or scallop to direct the light to the wall for an accent lighting in the specific area, this design will lead to some lumen lost. However, One Percent's LED wall washer is designed with a fixed angle of 25, while the light cover is still flush to the ceiling, no eyeball breaking out from it. And the ceiling remain unity and simple as one.

Details Description
LED Chip Sharp/ Citizen COB LED Quality assured brand, LM-80 completed and 40,000 hours lifespan.
LED Driver Tridonic Driver World famous brand, PF>0.9 quality assured of 40,000 hours lifetime.
Voltage 220-240V AC Under voltage of 220-240V in most European and Asia countries.
Wattage 8W Only 8W to achieve the lighting effect of 70W traditional halogen bulbs
Dimmable 0-100% triac dimmable Leading and trailing edge dimmable, adjust to the actual application in daily life.
Beam angle 40° 40° beam angle is the most comfortable lighting effect in hoe lighting.
Lumen 560lm (3000K, CRI>80) The proper in home lighting, gentle and comfortable.

Optional Choices

1. Color Temperature (CCT): 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

Don’t know what color temperature to choose? See the following application of the CCT.

How does color temperature affect the appearance of the room?

2. Color rendering index (CRI): CRI>80, CRI>97 optiona

Colors are considered to be performed the best of CRI100 under incandescent lights, the higher the CRI figure is, the better color it appears.

Do not let the light fade your color, to enjoy the colorful life, chose your best CRI.


Product Details

Details Options
Color temperature (CCT) 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
Color rendering index (CRI) ≥80, ≥97
Light cover colors Matt white

Important Components
LED downlights are the energy efficient and environmental friendly lighting product that are popularly used in the world. However, how can we tell the quality in the thousands of the products and manufacturers? Here are the three most significant components that affect the quality and the lighting effect of the LED lights.

One Percent brings not only the best quality of the products but also the most convenient installation to save the labour time and cost. Instead of screwing all the screws, why not choose the fast installation in One Percent?


How to install the LED downlights?

1. Cut-out a hole on the ceiling according to the instruction

2. Cut off power to avoid electric shock

3. Wiring the driver to the electric wire

4. Connect the downlight and the driver

5. Install the light into the hole

6. Turn on the power and check if well instalLED