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Lighting Application Sharing Forum


One Percent China showed people their latest intelligent lighting product “Music Light” on Mar. 10th, 2016. Over 200 people, including interior designers, lighting industry leaders and large estates, attended the Lighting Application Sharing Forum. 

In the sharing forum, industrial leaders from Macau, Shanghai, Hainan, Harbin, Zhuhai, and Foshan, shared their views on light designing. It is said that intelligent lighting is now the market trend and people now usually use it in commercial lighting. However, in home application, people now pay much attention in good lighting design for them to enjoy comfort daily lighting interest. 

“Music Light”, the star product in the show, attracted everybody’s attention. It is a LED downlight that can play music and also 16 million colour changes according to music.

How can the light colour changes?

How can it play music?

How can the light colour dance with the music? 

These are the most often asked questions.

Combining speaker and light, it can be linked on mobile devices, so as to control the lighting mode and at the same time playing the music you like, lighting effect dancing as music rhythm jumps. It will be great to be used in KTV or home party. 

“Light can make people closer”, One Percent China established an intelligent lighting research lab to make it happen. And we are happy to communicate with people all around the world for a better understanding on lighting application, to make lighting and people closer.