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Minimising the Harm of Directly Strong Light

People may suffer a lot from the glare that is produced by the poorly mapped out lighting systems, and it will lead to eye strain and even headache. One Percent anti-glare downlight range is ideally suit for using in house,restaurant, art galleries, museums,cinemas, and anywhere that lighting is required without the LED chip being seen. 

  • Special made anti-glare lens

Common Lens

Special Made Anti-glare Lens
( Reflecting Cone )

  • Benefits

a. Gentle and comfortable for eyes.
b. Prevent the damage of strong light.



  • Comparison

People come up to lots of methods to avoid the glare, such as adding an extra accessory or making a simple block to shield the direct looking into the light source. However, it may cost much more money, and sometimes a great deal of lumen lost may occur because of the shielding block. One Percent Lighting’s special made lens can well solve the problem by replacing the lens only, no extra fixture and only cost some 10% lumen lost.

Commen Anti-glare One Percent Anti-glare

Shielding block
20-30% lumen lost

Special made anti-glare
only 10% lumen lost