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Emergency Backup Module

Provide 180 Minutes Lighting in case of Power Cut

  • Emergency Module
The emergency module is consist of an emergency driver, an indicator and a backup battery. The emergency module is compatible with all One Percent 8W COB LED downlights. So, the emergency light should include an emergency module and a 8W LED COB downlights.

  • Benefits
a. Monthly self-test;
b.3 hours (180 minutes) back up;
c. Annual self discharge and charge;
d. Green LED status indicator.

  • How to Work

The LED emergency driver works in conjunction with the LED driver and does not affect normal fixture operation. When the normal mains fails, it immediately switches into emergency module, the backup battery supplies power to the emergency driver, operating the downlights for a safety code-required duration of 180 minutes. Upon restoration of mains, the emergency module would automatically  returns to charging mode.

The indicator , which is installed besides the LED downlight, is for showing the working situation of the emergency system, indicating  the status of malfunction, charging or with main power.

A solid-state low voltage detection circuit protects the backup battery during prolonged power failures, delivering the added value of safety.