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1. What is the relationship between One Percent Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd and Vertex Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd.?
One Percent (1%) Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd is a LED lighting company established in France, which is a subsidiary of Vertex Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd.

2. What is the minimum order quantity?
The Minimum Order Quantity is 20pcs.

3. Do you accept OEM/ODM?
We can do the Co-branding, which means we can use your brand name together with ours.

4. Where is the product ship from?
1% has 5 warehouses in different countries, which includes Mainland China and Europe.

5. What kind of shipping method do you use?
1% would like to use DHL, UPS express or DB Schenker Logistics.

6. How long is your lead time?
1 week lead time is a promise from 1%.

7. How long can I receive the product?
The shipping period is estimated 5-7 working days.

8. How long is your warranty period?
1% has 7 years warranty for all LED downlights.

9. What is safety of fund program?
1% is cooperating with GE Capital in order to provide financial service to our customer, customer can pay later after receiving the goods. (Conditions apply, please contact us for more details).

10. Does your company set a showroom in Europe?
Yes, 1% set a showroom in France, the Location is: Area 4, H18/H20, ITEC EURO CENTRE 1 ZAC de Metzange Buchel 12 rue des Terres Rouges 57100 THIONVILLE FRANCE.