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Smart Springs

Smart Design for Easy Installation.

  • Story About the Creation of Smart Springs

Laurence, the Chairman of Vertex and One Percent, and his R&D group had been working on the Smart Springs for 9 years. On April 06, 2006, Laurence flew back to Chengdu, which is his hometown. During the flight he saw the small table in front of his seat which could be locked automatically, he suddenly got the idea to design his Smart Springs on the LED downlights. It was a revolution for downlight installation. He believes the electricians will surely like this mechanism.

  • How is the Smart Springs saving your time and money?


Step1: Push up the springs, and lock them.

Step2: Put the fitting into the cut-out hole.

Step3: The springs touch the ceiling and are released.

Step4: The fitting is installed in the ceiling.