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Terms of Use

1. Intellectual Property
1.1 The materials provided on the One Percent Web Site, including all contents, information, photographs, illustrations, logos, ideas and software, are the property of the brand-One Percent (1%) of Vertex Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd and providers of the website’s contents and information, and protected by China’s and International copyright and trademark laws and other intellectual property rights. Materials are for personal and non-commercial use. The content on this website has the purpose of spreading positive information in public, but One Percent shall have no liability to endorse such web pages or their contents as its own, or guarantee contents’ authenticity. For example, media, network or individual must undertake legal liability when they download something form One Percent for personal use.
1.2 The contents of the One Percent Web Site as described above, including patent certification, patent product information and related material on various sales channels, may not be changed, copied, reproduced, sold, rented, used, supplemented or utilized in any other way without the prior written permission of Vertex Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd.

2. The Clause of Information Release
This website is only for lawful purposes, including information checking, online consulting, communication of user, and enterprise information dissemination.
a. The information full of shortage, fake, or slander is prohibited. We will retain the right to suspend or terminate the user's service if user violates relevant rules.
b. All information released on this website cannot violate international, national and local government laws, regulations and management practices regarding Internet network information security.
c.The user shall be responsible for explanation about the content of information published by himself and assume all consequences and legal responsibility of his published information.
d. This website has the right to use all information published by the user through the website, while retaining the right to manage, modify, and delete the information published by user.
e. The user is prohibited using website information for other purposes without authorization of this website.

3. The Clause of User Privacy
One Percent Web Site ensures that user privacy is not accessible to third parties or disclosed. The user data are preserved as private information into the One Percent (1%) Web Site, but it is not kept private in particular if:
a. the user keeps secret of personal information improperly;
b. the reasons, such as network, hacker attack, virus and government regulation, lead to disclosure, loss, theft or manipulation;
c. Web Site protects user and public’s life and property during emergency.

4. Exemption Clause
4.1 This website does not guarantee the free services provided will not be modified, suspended, terminated, and delayed, or it cannot guarantee the absolute integrity and security of user data. This website assumes no liability for the problem above.
4.2 This website only guarantees itself and the authenticity, legitimacy and accuracy of One Percent (1%)-the brand of Vertex Lighting & Electrical Co., Ltd, but it does not guarantee the authenticity, legitimacy and accuracy of information published by user. The visitor should identify the information and assume its risk himself when using this website, while this website does not assume the loss and liability resulted from wrong information published by users.