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Tunable White

Smart Control Lighting System

  • Intelligent lighting trend

It is the market trend that people would like to apply the intelligent lighting in daily life, which means that they can control the lights as they need and as they wish. 

As for the common LED downlights, a specific color temperature is set beforehand in production, so that users need to confirm the color temperature they need before buying. Most people may not know what kind of CCT they need, for example, 3000K for dinning room to bring the good coloring of the meal. However, even in the dame are, people will require differently for different condition. When your friend are visiting, you will need a relax 3000K/4000K for casual talking. But when the friend left, and you may need a 5000K for reading. In such circumstance, the common set 3000K downlight cannot fit all these needs. 

Imaging a light with color temperature from 2700K to 5000K, where you can adjust the CCT to 2700K for a romantic feeling for dinner, and 4000K to enjoy reading, 5000K to concentrate working. It can happen in One Percent's Tunable White LED downlights.

Here below you can see how it works through controlling from mobile devices to adjust the color temperature of the LED downlights.

  • How the smart control lighting works?

It is simple to control your downlight, WiFi signal from mobile devices - gateway - LED downlight driver.
No need of long wiring to connect every single light and the controller.

If you prefer remote control, you can also try the control panel. just the light and the panel, and it work for all.
Please go forwards to download the specific "remote control panel user manual" for reference.