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Warm Dimming

Performs Like a LED Downlight, Glows Like a Halogen

  • What is warm dimming?

Warm dimming LED downlight can change its color temperature smoothly from a cool 3000K to a warm 2000K, and adjust its brightness form 100% to 1%. This technological breakthrough improves the dimming performance to follow exactly the dimming curve of familiar halogen lamps. You have the choice to manipulate many different application requirements while maintaining the beauty of traditional dimming, perfect for creating a more relaxing atmosphere after a hard day at work or for setting the mood at special occasions in residential buildings, hotels, restaurants and bars.

  • Benefits

a. Strong compatibility & easily set up - Each warm dimming LED downlight would accept leading and trailing standard dimmer in the market. 
b. Adjustable lighting atmosphere - Changed color temperature based on users' demand. Perfectly mimics halogen that transforming any room with a warm evening glow.
c. Energy saving - Perfectly mimicking halogen dimming but with only one-quarter of the power consumption.