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Tunable White LED Downlight FS6084
Tunable White LED Downlight FS6084
  • Tunable White LED Downlight FS6084
  • Fs6084-WH-cover
  • Fs6084-heatsink
  • FS6084-driver
  • FS6084-WH

Tunable White LED Downlight FS6084

  • MOQ : 20pcs
  • Shipping Time : UPS, DHL, FedEx, DB Logistic
  • Payment T/T, Alipay, Paypal
  • Warranty : 7 years
  • Finishing Color : Brushed Nickel, White, Black, Chrome, Brass, Anti-brass, Matt White
  • Color Temperature : 2700K-5000K
  • Color Rendering Index : ≥80
  • Dimension : Ø 96mmX56mm
  • Cut-Out Size : Ø 79mm
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Product Overview

Tunable White LED downlight FS6085

LED downlights are recessed into ceiling to light downward from ceiling. Most of the LED lights are with only 1 color temperature of 2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K, which may not be suitable in some real application.
One Percent's Tunable White LED downlights are 2700K-5000K adjustable, and 0%-100% WiFi dimmable, users can adjust color temperature and the brightness of the downlights according to the time and lighting  

Item FS6085
Product name Tunable White LED Downlight
Voltage (V): 220-240V Diameter (mm): ø84
Wattage (W): 8W Height (mm): ø56
Power Factor: >0.85 Cut-out (mm): 69
CRI: 80 Weight (kg): 0.35
Lumen output (lm): >480lm (@2700K), >570lm (@5000K) IP: 65
Lifetime (hrs): 40,000 Min Order Qty (pcs): 20
Color choices: Brushed nickel/ white/ black/ chrome/ brass/ anti-brass/ matt white

Here below is the luminaire photometric report of the Tunable White LED Downlight FS6084 shows in its warmest white of 2700K and its coolest white of 5000K.

Packing Details
  • Color box of One Percent, 1pc/ box, 10 boxes/ carton, 20 pcs MOQ.
  • Packing size: box=125mm X 120mm X 90mm (0.00135M3), carton=620mm X 265mm X 105mm (0.01725 M3).
  • Weight: N.W. (0.45kg/pc), G.W. (6kg/carton).

  • Each LED downlight is packed with a plastic bag to avoid any scratch on the light.
  • Each light is packed in 1 color box for convenient stocking and delivery.
  • 10 boxes are packed in 1 carton for shipping.


1. Adjustable color temperature: any point within warm white 2700K and cool white 5000K;
2. 2. WiFi dimmable: brightness adjustment from 0% to 100%, On/ Off setting as well;
3. App/ Remote control: 1 key Scene/ Area control;

Function Benefits

1. Tunable White LED downlight: WiFi dimmable, color temperature adjsutable, 1 key scene/area change and controlling.

One Percent’s Tunable White downlights are with intelligent lighting system, WiFi dimmable, CCT adjustable and one-key scene switch.

  • App control through Android/ iOS phone system

  • Remote control panel control for fast and easy adjustment.

Such Tunable White LED Downlights are suitable to perfectly fit the lighting mode, warm white at night brings the comfortable warm home feeling, cool white in daytime for a concentrated condition at work.
No need to care about what color temperature to use in designing the decoration, but adjust it according to the actual application for the perfect lighting effect.
Tunable White LED downlight brings the different lighting experience with smart lighting system.

2. Fire-rated for 90 minutes compatible to the 30/ 60/ 90 minutes fire-rated ceilings.
Fire-rated LED downlights make the house safe and adopt to the building regulation. And it give people more time to react in the event of fire, which is a matter of life and death.

  • Working theory: This fire-rated downlight is designed to automatically seal the ventilation holes in the event of fire. The intumescent material inside the light will expand to form a dense of carbon char which cannot be burned out so as to shut out the fire flame from spreading. While the carbon char protect the downlight from overheating, the strong steel bracket will hold the light tight flush to the ceiling.  

  • BS476 fire resistant test: suitable to be used in 30/ 60/ 90 minutes fire-rated ceilings for 90 minutes fire resistant. Fire-report available to be checked.

3. Exchangeable light cover: multiple color choices for exchange, twist and lock bezel, easy and convenient for decoration.

  • Multiple colors for different color requirement, lots of color choices.
  • Easy stock for different color bezels to users.
  • Convenient in painting, only need to take off the bezel before painting, and put it on after finished.