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VERTEX Equity Incentive Signing Ceremony

VERTEX Lighting, One Percent’s parent company in China, held a grand equity incentive signing ceremony in Hotel Fortuna on Jun.22nd. It had 8 outstanding members to become another new shareholders.

                                                 New Shareholders of VERTEX Lighting

What’s more, shareholders expressed gratitude and promised respectively.

“I never thought I would be a shareholder, I cannot control my excitement, but I will keep working hard for smart LED lighting solution.”

“I have been working in VERTEX for 13 years, during these years I saw lot of VERTEX great LED products, like fir rated downlight, cabinet light, smart control lighting system, and so on. I feel confident in the future.”

“When I hear my name I feel oh my god so great, but I think this is my responsibility to make VERTEX and its brand 1% better.”

     Mr. Du (the middle one), one of the 8 new shareholders, having been working in VERTEX for 13 years

We feel proud of our parent company having such amazing moment. We also do believe with equity incentive more shareholders will be produced among our excellent members. We have bright future and we are all responsible for VERTEX Lighting and One Percent. We contribute ourselves to making more high-end LED products to all of you.

                                       The Scene of VERTEX Equity Incentive Signing Ceremony

                                                                                        VERTEX Big Family

                                       VERTEX Leaders’ Poetry Reading to Praise Teamwork Spirit